Botanica Touring - Timetable

Location Katoomba to Richmond    
Morning Afternoon
Leura 9.20am 1.55pm
Katoomba (Echo Point) 9.30am 1.50pm
Katoomba(Carrington Hotel) 9.40am 2.00pm
Medlow Bath (Hydro Majestic Hotel) 9.50am 2.10pm
Blackheath 9.58am 2.18pm
Mt. Victoria 10.07am 2.27pm
Blue Mountains Botanic Garden 10.40am 3.05pm
Bilpin (Hillbilly Cider Shed) 11.00am Arr. 3.20pm 15 minute
Dep. 3.35pm stop for cider tasting
Bilpin Fruit Bowl/The Pines Orchard 11.10am 3.45pm
Kurrajong Heights (IGA Store) 11.15am 3.50pm
Kurrajong (Bells Line of Road) 11.24am 3.59pm
North Richmond 11.30am 4.05pm
Richmond 11.40am 4.10pm
Richmond to Katoomba
Morning Afternoon
Richmond 11.40am 4.10pm
North Richmond 11.46am 4.16pm
Kurrajong (Bells Line of Road) 11.52am 4.22pm
Kurrajong Heights (IGA Store) 12.00pm 4.31pm
Bilpin Fruit Bowl/The Pines Orchard 12.12pm 4.40pm
Bilpin (Hillbilly Cider Shed) 12.25pm 4.50pm
Blue Mountains Botanic Garden 12.45pm 5.10pm
Mt. Victoria 1.15pm 5.40pm
Blackheath 1.25pm 5.47pm
Medlow Bath (Hydro Majestic Hotel) 1.34pm 5.54pm
Katoomba (Echo Point) 1.50pm 6.10pm
Katoomba (Carrington Hotel) 2.00pm 6.05pm
Leura 1.40pm 6.20pm

Bus stop locations:

  • Leura railway station bus stop opposite ‘The Spires’ Leisure Inn
  • Echo Point-South Katoomba main bus stop
  • Katoomba- Katoomba Street in front of The Carrington Hotel
  • Medlow Bath-The Hydro Majestic Hotel
  • Blue Mountains Botanic Garden (BMBG) Visitor Centre Mt Tomah
  • Bilpin-Hillbilly Cider Shed corner Bells Line of Road and Johnsons Rd
  • Richmond-Train Station bus stop East Market Street

*Pre-booked stops:

  • Blackheath-New Ivanoe Hotel, Great Western Highway
  • Mount Victoria- Train station
  • Kurrajong Heights- IGA grocery store
  • Kurrajong- Bells Line of Road
  • North Richmond-Bells Line of Road near Caltex service station